What We Are

Morgenstern Farm provides a very professional, clean, fun and friendly atmosphere.

It is nestled in the prestigious horse country of the north east  quadrant of Oxford,  Michigan which is  premier horse country.  Morgenstern is a first class  boarding and training stable which offers premium services for dressage  riders and competitors.  Amenities of the facility include:

  • Large well ventilated stabling
  • Plenty of fresh bedding
  • Automatic Nelson waterers
  • Daily turn out in large, oak board fenced, grass pastures 
  • High quality hay multiple times throughout the day
  • Grain twice daily
  • Olympic size out door arena with a beautiful setting
  • Indoor arena (arenas have excellent footing)
  • Large comfortable observation room
  • Miles of beautiful trails
  • Personalized training packages
  • Layups welcome
  • Trailer in lessons welcome
  • International clinic opportunities
  • Excellent staff
  • Quiet clean facility
  • Miles and miles of trails connected to property!

 In  addition to the beautiful setting, boarders will enjoy customized care  for their horses according to their needs at competitive rates.  

Morgenstern  Farm and its management places a high value on forming a strong and  effective team for you and your equine partner, as having a strong team  can make the difference between a set back and achieving your goals. 

Marie's  vast experience training, coaching, competing, raising and training  young horses, in addition to breeding and managing horses farms combine  together to provide a solid foundation on which to build your equine  team.   

All levels of horses and riders are welcome,  whether your horse is early in its career or at an advanced level of training.  


" Be kind, for all are fighting a hard battle"    -Plato 400 B.C.

Our Faciities

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